à vendre: unique estate, ideal for resort, hotels, houses,... (21 hectares)

Hôtel id 495
Type de fiche à vendre
Type de propriété Hotel Project
Pays Brésil
ville Abadia (Jandaira, Bahia)
prix Sur demande
année de construction 2014
chambre 101-200
salle de bain 101-200
la taille du lot 210000 m²
restaurant Yes
pax restaurant 51-75

Description de la propriété

Pura Vida Bahia is located between Salvador (200 km.) and Aracaju (120 km.) also called the coconut coast. Along this highway (linha verde) you find places like Praia do Forte, Sauipe,... and along this linha verde you will find hotels as Iberostar, Tivoli,Palladium,...
We are located 15 km. from the ocean, but are on the borders of the Rio Real, the river which divides Bahia and Sergipe, and which leads to Mangue Seco, well-known from Tieta (famous Brazilian serie and film).
On site we have water and electricity, a bar/restaurant with swimming pool, volley and footbal-field, pier, 2 lodges with swimming pool, roads, parking,...
From the river we get fresh oysters, shrimp, 4 types of crabs, clams, fish,... And on site we have coconuts, oranges, lime, pineaple, acerola, mango, goiaba, peppers, passion fruit,... (video and pics on www.puravidabahia.com or on Facebook: Pura Vida Bahia)
You got the feeling like you're in the middle of nowhere, but you are only 2 hours away from Salvador (by car).
Get the Amazon feeling, but get there so much easier...
Ideal for survival tours, horsebackriding, boat tours, fishing, "cachting your own food",... Back to nature vibe (make it as luxury as you want it to be)
And only 30 min. from the nearest beaches. Mangue Seco, Siribinha, Bara de Itariri, Praia do Saco,...

caractéristiques de l`établissement

♦  Jardin
♦  Piscine extérieure
♦  Parking sur place
♦  Bar
♦  Salle à manger extérieure
♦  Barbecue
♦  Réception
♦  Salles de minibar
♦  Front de mer
♦  Lumières de la ville vue
♦  Vue sur la montagne
♦  Vue de la rivière
♦  Vue sur l`eau
♦  Installations de loisirs
♦  Logement privé

extra information

So... endless posibilities here...
We were preparing to expand here ourselves, but because of differences in point of view, we opt to sell our paradise...
There is allready a 3D-plan of what can be done. This however is only my vision of the future here, but any vision, any plan is an option... If you would need any help, developping the estate, i'd be happy to help you!
Our asking price is 85 R$/m², being 17.850.000R$ (currently 1€ = 3.92R$). Any suggestions, ideas to buy a smaller part will also be considered.
About 70 % of the ground is building ground, which goes in the region for 200-300 R$/m².
Need more info, better pictures,...? Let me know!

Information du vendeur

Prénom Kristof Arnou
Téléphone (79)99646 0894
Type Seller
Bureau Fazenda Onça s/n

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